Best Towing Services in Orlando Area

When you need a wrecker service, you want a professional and courteous company. Shopping around for the right company is essential. You will find that many towing companies have a wide range of services.

If you are not satisfied with the towing company’s charges, you may file a complaint with Orange County. You can also post a bond in county court to obtain a clerk’s certificate.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

It may be hard to believe, but one day you could be in need of emergency roadside assistance. When that happens, you want to be sure you have a trusted company with clean trucks and an honest staff. This is what Johnson’s Wrecker Service Inc provides. They offer 24/7 towing, transport, roadside assistance and wrecker service in the Orlando area.

They can unlock your car for you without damaging it, change a flat tire on the spot and even deliver fuel. They are also trained to help you recover a vehicle that has become stuck in a ditch or other impassable location.

In Florida, it is against the law to fail to move over for a stopped vehicle displaying an emergency light or siren. This includes Road Ranger vehicles and other law enforcement, fire trucks or ambulances. With the GEICO Mobile app, you can request roadside assistance with just a tap of your screen, no phone call required. Roadside Assistance is available to GEICO auto policyholders in the United States and Canada. You can add it to your policy or bundle it with other coverages, such as Collision and Comprehensive.

Lockout Service

Getting locked out of your vehicle is never a fun experience, especially when you’re in a hurry or late for an appointment. It’s also a huge hassle and can throw your entire day off schedule. Luckily, there’s an easy way to get back into your car without having to call the police or try to pick the lock yourself!

A good Towing Services in Orlando FL is one that is available around the clock. It should have a major fleet of tow trucks that are ready to help you out when you need them the most. It should also have highly trained and honest office staff and drivers who will provide you with the best services. This includes luxury brand transport, emergency towing, and wrecker service. They’re also equipped to handle heavy duty transportation, towing, and recovery services. They are a reliable and affordable option when you need assistance with your vehicle. They can even help you recover your car from a crash.

Vehicle Recovery

If you have been involved in an accident and need to recover your vehicle, you should contact a reputable Towing Service company. They can provide a variety of services, including towing your vehicle to an auto repair shop, as well as picking up and storing your car. They can also help you with your insurance claim.

Make sure you check their credentials and history before hiring them. A good Towing Service company will be able to give you the best quality service at a reasonable price. You should also check whether the tow truck is capable of getting you in and out of your vehicle without making any scratches or dents.

You should be aware that Towing Services in Orlando FL may not require you to pay the registration fees before they release your vehicle. This is known as a nonconsensual tow and is against the law. It is also against the law to hire a spotter, a person who monitors parking lots and calls the tow company when you leave.

Property Vehicle Removal

If you are a property owner, such as a shopping mall or apartment complex, you have to deal with illegally parked vehicles on your property. We specialize in removing these vehicles. We have clean trucks and an honest staff, and we offer 24/7 roadside assistance and wrecker service to all of Central Florida. We also offer emergency vehicle transport, luxury brand car transport, and junk vehicle removal services.

Towing companies must provide a receipt for all charges at your request, and disclose the name of the person who approved the tow. They must also post rates and display them at their tow yard. If you want to see your car before it is towed, the tow truck driver must allow you to enter and retrieve your personal items or license plates if you show identification.

You can also find out a towing company’s background by checking their consumer dispute history and business history. You should also consider their technical knowledge and how efficient they are in handling car issues.